Serve Others

It is important for Members to be contributing to the class. There are no people on the sidelines of involvement.

Make Him Known

Be Known

Scott Vaughan is our primary teacher. He is occasionally assisted by
Chuck Cordovano, Monty Hope and John Wright, ​as well as others.
Scott and Vicki Vaughan moved to Lexington in 1991 from the Atlanta
area, and joined Lexington Baptist Church in August that year.

​Scott is a former newspaper publisher, who then served as director of marketing for the South Carolina Baptist Convention, in Columbia. In 2003, Scott began his consulting practice to serve churches and faith organizations throughout North America. Scott has served as an adult Sunday School teacher, deacon and committee chairman at Lexington Baptist Church. Vicki has served in children's ministry, adult education, music ministry, and in committee work. Scott was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2011 .Scott mixes story-telling and humor with Bible application. He uses the New Living Translation (NLT) for his own Bible Study and teaching. The Vaughans have four sons, Andrew, 26, William, 23, Richard, 20, and Matthew, 17.

Scott Vaughan (The class is not named for him)


It is important for Members to know Jesus as Lord & Savior, and Make Him Known through words and deed.

It is important for Members to Be Known and have Friends in Faith. There are no invisible believers or lone rangers.

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